Controlling Whitefly in Veggie Patch

(Source: Gardening Australia)
Whitefly are small, sap-sucking insects that hide on the underside of leaves. When disturbed, you’ll see them flying around. As they rob sugars from the plants, they can cause leaf damage and stunt shoots. They are also disease vectors, spreading viruses from plant to plant.
1. Reduce the population: Use a vacuum to disturb the whitefly and suck up the adults. Best to do in the early morning while they are feeling sluggish.
2. Change the conditions: Whitefly like a sheltered and humid home. Thinning out leaves from around the plant increases air flow and removes juveniles and eggs, which should lead to less whitefly. These leaves should go to the chooks or bin rather than the compost where they might mature and head back to your plants.
3. Apply an organic spray: mix 100 millilitres pyrethrum to 5 litres of water and apply thoroughly to both sides of the leaves. Having thinned out the plants earlier, there’s also better access for the spray.
Remember this three-pronged attack and you’ll get the job done in no time!