TuckerBush Round PigFace 140mm

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Round Baby Pigface (also called round noonflower, iceplant, and purple dewplant) is a native saline-tolerant succulent, widely distributed throughout Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales. Its rich, sweet fruits were a seasonal favourite among Aboriginal families, known to be a highly coveted complement to summertime seafood. This is a very hardy plant that you’ll find growing on coastal dunes and samphire flats, on rocky seaside cliffs, and in various saline soils inland.


The leaves of this plant are also edible, traditionally served cooked as an accompaniment to game meat. Enjoy their juicy, refreshing burst of flavour in salads, stir-fries, pickles and as a flavoursome ingredient in seafood dishes. Fruits grow to the size of a berry, and may be eaten whole or simply by sucking out the sweet pulp.

H: 0.2 - 0.3m W: 1-2m