Pimelea physodes 175mm

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Known as the ‘Qualop bell’, one of Australia’s most spectacular, flowering, shrubs, and a must for all Gardens. It has a long blooming period autumn through to Spring, when gardens are often luck in colour. The bell shaped flowers, change, with age, from a creamy yellow through to pink slash Burgundy. The copious blooms a highly attractive to nectar feeding birds and long-lasting as a cup flour. The plants, once grafted, a very adaptable, when it comes to soils, being happy in both acidic or alkaline soil. This amazing variety is tolerant of full sun, but prefer sun protection from the afternoon. Heat in extremely hot areas. The naturally, upright have it should be made Bushire and maintained it around 1 m by an annual cut back. Humidity may cause leaf shedding. It generally tolerate frost.


H: 1m