Ordering Plants Online

How Does This Work?

All plants that are currently in stock are listed with quantities available. Orders will be sent to our dispatch team for immediate allocation. 


What If I Can't See The Plant I Want Listed?

If you can't find the plant you are chasing please click on the 'Restock' Button for a message of when the plant is back in stock.   


Where do you ship?

We do not post our plants as we want to make sure you have them in the best condition. We can hold the plants in the nursery until you can come to pick up. (Limited timeframe) 

What does 140mm/200mm etc mean? Is that the size of the plant?

The mm refers to the pot size diameter, not the size of plant which can vary depending on what kind of plant you order. Usually pots in a 200mm pot size are larger then the 140mm.