Dindi Cuticle Oil 30ml

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Nourishing apricot kernel oil, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to keep nails strong and healthy. To this we’ve added a blend of precious plant oils including rosella flower, rosehip, buriti and evening primrose, creating a powerful synergistic blend of nutrients, excellent for nail health and cuticle repair. Pure essential oils of lavender and Australian sandalwood provide their delicious scents whilst also helping to treat and prevent fungal infections with their natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, whilst bisabolol (extracted from the essential oil of german chamomile) is anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin.

Directions: Apply a small drop to clean dry cuticle area. Best used after showering or soaking. Allow oil to soak in well with a gentle massage

Ingredients: apricot kernel oil, rosella flower oil*, rosehip oil*, buriti oil, abyssinian oil, evening primrose oil, red raspberry seed oil, calendula extract*, natural vitamin e, essential oils of sandalwood, lavender and frankincense, bisabolol, (*organic)

Vegan friendly

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